The Smart Phone Cheat Code to a Better Life

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How would you like a cheat code to a better life?

Get this…

The average American checks their phone 52 times per day according to a Deloitte study.

When you check your phone, what’s the first thing you see?

Your lock screen or wallpaper.

Now, those 52 times you check your phone give you an opportunity to change your thoughts and your dominant mental focus.


Images and Symbols.

So here’s a cheat code to a better life…

Think about the one thing you want…the one change you’re trying to make, and put a positive reinforcement of that change as a picture on your lock screen and background.

Now, 52 times a day, or more, you’ll be reminded of it.

Remember what Zig Ziglar said…

Repetition is the mother of learning” — Zig Ziglar

52 times a day ENSURES your goal or dream stays top of mind.

52 times tilts the balance of power in the battle for thought energy.

Consider the power of association. If the 52 times per day reminds us of our dreams, we set a subconscious anchor. We associate our phone with a powerful feeling of progress toward our goals and dreams.

As you see the lock image or wallpaper, the anchor extends further to simply touching your phone. Each time you touch your phone, before you even unlock it, the subconscious anchor fires off reminding us of our dreams.

This brings a powerful effect on our mental state.


You can have 3 types of mental states:

  1. Thoughts in line with your dreams
  2. Thoughts against or not related to your dreams
  3. No thought at all

52 times a day tilts the balance of power towards Option 1: Thoughts in line with your dreams.

By pushing more energy towards thoughts in line with your dreams, you crowd out thoughts against your dreams. Continued thought and focus keep your dreams toward the top of your mind. 52 times (or more) provides the momentum needed to bring your dreams to the forefront.

52 times a day turns into a habit. And the more you think of this, the more you focus on it. The more you focus on it, the more the Universe lines up for you to achieve that goal or dream.

Think about it.

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